HMV reopened its doors on Friday, after its sudden closure four years ago.

The legendary shop, which has hosted memorable performances from various artists like Suede, Kylie Minogue, and Spice Girls, returned to its first location at 363 Oxford Street the previous Friday.

22-year-old Liam who works there as a part-time sales assistant said: “I’m really excited to work in the HMV flagship shop. I’m a big music and movie fan so I think this is the perfect place for me”

Sarah from Cambridge who visited the shop with her husband said: ” I have great memories from this place. I was buying many CDs when I was coming to London, and I think I have been here for a gig too!”

The retailer began operating back in 1921 by the Gramophone Company and since then, it has been one of the biggest and most popular shops for music, films, and technology in Great Britain.

In 2013, due to financial issues caused by poor sales and unstable market circumstances, the company entered administration, and six years later, it was purchased by Sunrise Records, ownership of the Canadian billionaire and vinyl lover, Doug Putman, which saved it from bankruptcy.

Ten years later, in April 2023, it was confirmed that the flagship shop would return to their original place at 363 Oxford Street, after four years away during which time had been occupied by “American Candy” outlets.

HMV starts fresh -with the same classic logo of Nipper listening to a Phonograph cylinder, rebranding itself again- both in the physical shop and its online presence as well. The company will adjust to today’s needs as its goal is to be the largest trader for music and entertainment in Europe.

“The idea is to focus and invest more in the vinyl format since vinyl records alone boosted the number of sales at a great level in the past. To be able to open again in Oxford Street, and specifically in this exact building is unbelievable. I know people insist on the decrease of the physical business, especially in the music industry but numbers have proved them wrong, and I strongly believe we are going to be here for a while” Putman said in Monocle24’s podcast, a few days ago.

Vinyl has gone on a major revival since the last decade. In 2022, sales reached their peak with 5.5 million units sold only in the United Kingdom.
Last year vinyl sales even exceeded streaming audio revenue which reinforces the tendency of people to return to the physical format when it comes to music and audio.