Taylor Swift performing on stage

Spotify Wrapped shows female artists are still less popular than male artists

The 2020 Spotify Wrapped statistics have been released globally, and very few female artists reached the top of the streaming charts. The top five most streamed artists were all male, with similar trends across all categories. Dua Lipa was the...Read More

A Year After The General Election: What’s Changed in the Labour party?

co-author: Adam Perry It has now been one year since Boris Johnson won the 2019 general election and became the UK’s third consecutive Conservative prime minister. The Labour party has seen many ups and downs as the Opposition under Johnson....Read More
The 7 members of K-pop band, BTS, stand together in matching white suits with black shoes and black turtlenecks.

South Korea changes the law to delay BTS members’ enlistment into the military

South Korea has introduced new legislation to allow members of K-pop band, BTS, to delay their enlistment into the military for two years. One of the band’s seven members, Kim Seok-jin, whose stage name is Jin, turned 28 last Friday....Read More
Gingebread cookies arranged on a red tablecloth with holly and cinnamon sticks

The Highest Quality Quality Street: Confirmed

Christmas is a time for many things: spending time with family, giving gifts, decorating the tree. But secretly, we all know that the best part of Christmas is the food. There are many controversies surrounding Christmas food traditions. Is turkey...Read More
Photo of 'Outfit' store

Retail Giant Arcadia Group Collapses, Risking 13,000 Jobs

Arcadia Group, Sir Philip Green’s retail empire, has entered administration, risking 13,000 jobs, according to internal sources. The sources asked not to be named, because the company is yet to comment publicly on the matter. However, they said they do...Read More
trans flag

Trans teen takes legal action against NHS for treatment delays

A 14-year-old trans boy being called “Reece” has begun to pursue legal action against NHS England after waiting over a year for a referral to a gender clinic with support from the Good Law Project. The Gender-Identity Development Service (GIDS),...Read More